Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer with a Punk

I was on a brief jaunt out to the coast and made an excuse to run into Fred Meyer, a Pacific Northwest department/drug/grocery store. They have a good selection, and I thought I might pick up something I've been longing for, but didn't really want to pay shipping on.

Punk, by L.A. Girl is from their Rock Star collection. I've got Groupie, which is yet to be tried, but I wanted to try this one a lot.

It's got this teal/blue/purple color shift.

You can see the purple around the edges.

It's in a greenish base and the first coat is alarmingly thin, but it builds quite well. Slow to dry, though.

Here is a photo of the purple shift:

Most tasty!

I think this is similar to Sally Hansen DVD (Laser? I mix those two up), and the shift to the teal is really not as strong as I'd had hoped, either.

Formula was a bit slow to dry, not bad, but not a super nice and fast one, either.

Here is a bottle shot for some more action:

It takes a bit of work to see the duochrome, but it's not impossible. Glassy particle, which seem to be the du jour replacement for shimmer.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Great color!

    OK, Im digging this out of my untrieds, this weekend!

  2. I love Fred Meyer--there's one just down the street from a relative's house in Bellingham (WA) and I always find a reason I need to run to the store when we're visiting. :)

    This is very pretty!

  3. :D
    It is a neat place to find cool polish! :D

  4. You must try the Groupie one! I love it. I'm bummed that the display was out of Punk when I found them though. I don't want to pay shipping either.

  5. Punk seems like it's similar to Groupie, but the base is a deep teal. I wonder if the base is the only difference?

    Now I need to reblog and compare.



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