Monday, April 12, 2021

The Odd Thing Is...

I am now filtering the archives of my images that haven't been posted since my nails took a hit and are pretty short. I will eventually get back to posting some nubs, the backlog is real. 

Here is Different Dimensions Kicking Multiple Scleros-Ass:

Three coats and a lovely flame with an emphasis on the yellow.

No top coat.

Now, here's the thing. Often when I am pulling out an old untried, I have to search around the interwebz to see if there is a blog post or something with an announcement, or if it's still on the maker's site, etc.

It's a way to make sure I can match the right info.

BUT, when I saw that my polish was an apricot shade versus the pink that I found in several searches and am a bit surprised. In fact, I couldn't find a version like mine.

I think I picked this up on a FB sales page, but am not 100%.

Well there's your full disclosure. Who knows what happened. I do know that the polish I received was always this shade, and perhaps there was another version? Thoughts? Thanks! I hate to chalk it all up to pigment fading, but the blue in the original pink shade is the nominee for taking the early exit.

Not a huge fan of the shade and feel like a franken might be in order. I will update down the pike. Any suggestions drop a note in the comments! 

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal! I am grateful!!!

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