Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Zoya Alegra...Metallic Yet Shimmer

Staying on the Zoya front, which isn't hard to do, they have so many pretty shades, here is a Zoya still on their site, Alegra is a fuchsia "sparkle" and basically a deep pink with some lighter pink sparkles.
They call it a metallic, but it seems more like a glass fleck in a jelly.

I'm not the expert.

Also mine is more of a deep cherry shade, less fuchsia (which always seems brighter to me)


There is some silver glass fleck and a lot of pink shimmer, but I honestly thought it was a deep cherry and had not inclination toward fuchsia.

Debate over, at three coats it's a pretty classic and the usual Zoya formula.

I rarely have trouble with Zoya, though I do get my fair share of tip wear. Wrapping helps, so does extra top coat, but no doubt, I notice it for sure.

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