Thursday, February 6, 2020

Of Gleams and Songs

Whenever I get a polish with a pop culture reference it's safe to say I need to look it up.

Native War Paints The Gleam In Your Eyes Is So Familiar from Polish Pickup 2018 was no exception.

In fact if it weren't for searching I would have guessed "modern era vampire/monster/paranormal franchise".

The hook in Video Games got me, too, so at least I'm not "whooo??" (insert clip art of granny in a rocking chair with square glasses and a gray bun).

Meanwhile, why haven't I worn this delight sooner?

A delightful pink rose with some lavender tossed in, my flash photo here doesn't show the perfectly beautiful blue glass fleck that gives a pronounced blue flash.

I am mesmerized.

Easy three coats, and a healthy holo with a scatter that leans toward a nice soft flame of warmth.

I am crazy about the formula, too. Dried very nicely, three days later I am seeing no wear or any issues.

For some reason I don't have a lot of this brand, why I do not know!

It was a one off for the Polish Pickup ( back in 2018 (August).
If you aren't familiar with this check it out, it's a pop up type shop with limited edition samplings from an ogling array of makers. You may want to hide your credit cards. Shipping is a flat $3.

Don't blame me if you are gazing at your nails and sipping ramen broth for a few weeks.

Just saying!

Oh and Native War Paints does have an offering this month (check it out here).

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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