Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Do Old Thrills Last?

I was at TJ Maxx and I found a few bottles of the old OPI France Collection from a decade ago. It was for Autumn 2008 if memory serves.

Seems like I wanted it all, but never seemed to delve into it. It was the time when, thinking back on it, so many of the other salon brands and especially drugstore brands were making knock offs.

Here is Bastille Your Heart:

It's a glossy deep red shimmer with enough pink shimmer tossed in to make it a succulent raspberry shade.

I guess the formula was okay, but not stellar. I think it is a little loose and coupled with my super casual application, it wasn't heart stopping. (Wait a still your heart...never mind.)

I could not find it on the OPI website, so it's hard to say how TJ Maxx got a hold of it.

Not as thrilling as in the day. That doesn't mean it isn't a classic shade, perfect for autumn.

Probably still floating around eBay or blog sales.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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