Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Illyrian Moonchild is a delightful flakie rich sheer polish that is Tiffany blue.

I put it over SinfulColors Mint2BCool, a blue mint creme with a small blue glass fleck running through it.

They complement each other well.

Here's the combo:

The pink and blue opalescence of the flakies is best under a focused light like flash, halogen or good ol' sunshine.

I am crazy about it!

Here you can see that it is more subtle if the pink iridescence doesn't pick up:

I am a little star struck by this brand, so it's hard to be biased. 

My only real bias is that I love translucent or light flakies and I am not going to blog too many contrasting flakies, but I have a ton I need to layer, so just shut up, right?

Meanwhile, the shop is re-opening the 27th of July, so you may enjoy this fairy tale of a shade.
Not affiliated, just a fan.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal.

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