Monday, June 11, 2018

Red Glitter Times Five

I just wanted to sit down with some bright red glitters and swatch it all out.

No comparisons, no top coats, and three coats.

Just throwing down a few that are all very similar: small glitter size, bright red, and, well, smashing!

Let's roll!

Maybelline Red Comet

A very juicy red glitter in a red jelly base. Stinky, pre-3-free, but a delightful color of red. It did require some thinning and cleanup, which is evident. The jelly base covers well, but there is scant "visible nail line", but not "hey let's guess if you have polish on your nails!"

A little texture, but nothing that won't be taken care of with a top coat.

I love this one, apparently grabbed two while hitting the Dollar Tree over that dulcet period of now-vintage polish purging by retailers.

Rich and intense, this old Express Finish is a "find it online" kind of polish these days.

Milani Ruby Jewels

Silver glitter in a ruby red jelly base. Some texture, but again, doable with a couple top coats.

I had to do some cleanup, but it wasn't much.

Pretty and shiny, but now discontinued, but still poking around online, though not super cheap. Worth the price? Well, maybe not.

Zoya Delilah

A deep, neutral red, though Zoya calls it a cherry base, with a red fine glitter.

Very loose formula and my cleanup wasn't up to the task.

Gorgeous and shiny, it has a pretty smooth formula.

Still available on the Zoya site.

Color Club Art of Seduction

This is a red glitter in a clear base.  I've sponged it on and though I used some liquid latex body paint to cover my fingers, cleanup did provide a little bit of glitter going all over. Hard to say if it's three coats, but it might be more just due to sponging.

This is a pretty red in the same vein of a cherry type of red.

Sponging it meant that it was more textured and looks more like a texture polish.

No longer available on Color Club's site, the polish might be found online, but I've had little luck finding it as I write this.

China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Here's a classic. Red glitter in a deep red jelly. I confess I should have cleaned up, but it wasn't such a big deal to me at the time, for some reason!

Been around for a long time and from an old reboot of the China Glaze Wizard of Ooh Ahs that came out in around 2008.

Looks like it's still around at the China Glaze website. Nice! I think it's a really gorgeous polish: not too much texture, lots of shine, and a good amount of glitter!

I believe that my favorite is Ruby Pumps followed by Red Comet. There is a red on red thing going on that is very nice.

There you go, five red polishes that will smarten up the nautical brights this summer.

Thanks for reading my little nail journal!

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