Monday, March 12, 2018

Zippy Green Layering

It's got to be true. There is a green for everyone!

I am not sure, but in my photos (I've been playing with my Sony A6000 again) I see how it turns my skin green.

Here's a green that would look much better on a deeper skin tone than mine, Brucci Green With Envy.

This is a solid three coats with some dabs here and there for the sake of coverage.

I love how thick it is, but the brush was thick and I mean thick in the sense that it seemed to be deforming. I have had this bottle for some time, so maybe it's on its way out.

Meanwhile, gorgeous green. I needed to shake it some more, but I gave up after a long time and just decided to plop the polish on.

I am going to migrate this polish into stamping as I have Maybelline Galactic Green (blogged here - damn I miss my nails being even that nice!)

The truth is that this one is very pretty, and such a bright spring green is always welcome.

I did toss some Color Club Come Fly With Me from the Take Wing collection

Two coats. As a topper it's very bright and shimmer, alone it needs a couple coats, but it really doesn't let down.

Thanks so much for reading my little nail polish journal!!!

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