Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Short terse winter so far. Though the winter has been abrupt, it's not been unfriendly.

Now the days will turn longer and the winter will resonate later in the day, rather than tucking itself away.

I did this mani about a month ago and wanted to post it, it's my rugged nail art attempt at capturing the mountains in late fall.

I used the Emily de Molly 07 round plate, but I did have some proportion issues. Minor by comparison to other things...

I love this one, but I wish the owl was smaller.

The gradient is an old batch (top to bottom):
Princessa Picking on Waikiki (what does that mean?)
Petite Banish
OPI Golden Eye

I used a Color Club royal purple and like the wolf and the deer and the trees.

Here's another:

The deer in this one kind of worked after I sponged a little more gold on the bottom.
I did get some residue due to my lack of skills at pulling off extra bits for isolated things. A work in progess.


I like this one, too. More of a red purple like I used on the owl, but I can't recall the polish!

For me the gradient alone was a real win, I loved it.

Stamping, I need to work on these clustered images that need tape to pull off the extra items to isolate them.

Hope you have a wonderful Solstice!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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