Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A Little Purple There, A Little Purple Here...

I have some things that are in dire need of swatching, but I've been wanting to tone up the old Polygel game before I went full bore.

Getting there, and thought, I better start somewhere!

First up is Zoya Mira

Mira is a rich plum purple. Not really a red purple, but has those roots, but still, a purple nonetheless.

Three coats. 

I got this on Zoya's big annual sale (that they seem to be doing much more often), which puts Zoya cheaper than most drugstore polishes these days.

A gorgeous creme, faultless application, though I didn't wear it out to see how it wore, traditionally Zoya is not a strong wearing polish. I use a normal top coat. To clarify, when I say not strong wearing, while it doesn't chip - as it seemed to do a lot when I first started wearing it - it does rub off more easily.

Still I love this shade. Gorgeous.

Zoya Serenity

Dreamy, smokey, and luscious. If you like purple, you will like this one.
It's dowsed, but not crushed into a neutral.

So great.

Typical three coats. I won't lie, this one moved to the head of the class for me.

Color Club Pucci-licious

Blogged a million years ago, here.

A classic, bright, clear, and neon-esque (I think it's hard to get this shade into a real neon)

I've had this bottle forever, but I love it a lot. I think I had a backup that I moved on down the road.

This is topcoated, as it it will dry more matte.

Here's a comparison:

Left to right:
Zoya Mira
Zoya Serenity
Color Club Pucci-licious.

I love all three. They are not alike, although in a pinch you can do Serendipity versus Pucci-licious and be perfectly fine.

All three have been topcoated. I always have mixed feelings about doing it, but most of the time I wear a topcoat, so here I thought it more natural.

Mira and Serenity are still available on Zoya's site as is Pucci-licious.

Quick note about polygel: I am loving the strength of it and learning to be a better "filer" and making the shape the best I can do, but I notice as soon as I put the polish on I notice some sort of oddball shape issue, or curve or edge. It's almost like 3-D filing.
My hope is to do a post with application, but I want some more practice under my belt before I go there. In the meantime, I love the results, the low cost, and the ease of use.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

p.s. all photos are taken with my iPhone. I think they are pretty accurate, but perhaps they pull a little blue. 

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