Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Neons - Color Club Poptastic Set

More Color Club Neon love!

This is a set of seven polishes, so a lot of cool colors coming up!

All are three coats and not top coats.

Here's the Color Club Poptastic set:
From left to right:
Almost Famous
Wham! Pow!
Chelsea Girl

Almost Famous
Pretty "taxi cab" yellow. I love it on my summer tan. I also found it a little streaky and lacking in coverage. I think, though, a base coat of white or nude wouldn't hurt. My nails are really stained.
I love the color, not feeling as much like a neon as a bright yellow.
This has a shiny finish, where some had a satin finish. I am not sure why.
I think this references Andy Warhol's 15 minutes of fame notion, that seems to be a bit of a cliche, now.

Wham! Pow!
In reference to Lichtenstein's paintings that used mid-century comics for his inspiration.
I do love this color. Applied and dried well! Satin finish, here.

Hot pink! Very beautiful!
Rich and deep. Asking more than a regular hot pink! Demanding, more like!
Went on well, dried more satin finish.
Referencing pop art of the 1960's, that found their foothold in the increasing abstractionism of the 30's and 40's. I feel Bauhaus influenced a lot of the century. People love "mid-century modern" w/o thinking that it actually was a pretty worn out style by the time it mainstreamed into suburban America. I think by the 60's artists were asking what art was, what it meant, what is advertising, and what images impact the audience, how, etc.

Beautiful neon red. Less intense than Flower Power's Screamin Fuschia, but quite pleasing to they eye. Perhaps a neon pink red. My favorite.
Easy application and dried in that satin finish.
Pretty obvious, Andy Warhol. The guy whose "Factory" made art into something very commercial and less of the atelier.

Gorgeous purple. I can't say that to my eye it looks neon, but I guess in the purple family it's rich and deep and loaded with color. 
Base on Emilio Pucci, the guy who took some beautiful, new, exciting patterns and made them into textiles. A very abrupt and crazy change, especially if you think of the clothing of the early 1960's (Think Madmen's muted, crushed, sombre colors).
Applied like a dream. Dried satin. A winner!

Pretty seafoam green. Odd man out, color-wise. Not a neon at all.
Application was a bit streaky, but in the end it came through with that third coats.
Satin finish!
Twiggie, well, what to say? The girl that started so much in mainstream fashion, truly a youth quake girl of her era!

Chelsea Girl
Deep turquoise blue. 
And a "sheer" disappointment!!!
I have to admit that this was the color I was looking forward to the most!!!
Again, three, coats, but I really couldn't get an even application nor could I get it to really build. I felt like this was a 5 coater, and I just wasn't prepared to go there.
I do think over a white, nude, or even some other colors it could be a great layering polish.
Chelsea Girl, Nico, Velvet Underground. I used to have a compilation cassette made by a friend with Nico, Mark Almond, Current 93 and Ween. I kind of love that cassette. I need to transfer it to mp3.
I am sure everyone has heard her sing"My Funny Valentine". If not, find it!

Okay! So this collection was rather a beautiful idea, some of the polishes are a little sheer, some streaky and some are great. Still, do check out Roy Lichtenstein's work, he took art to a new level and made us think about common art, like comics, in a new way.

Other notes:
I've been told that neons make for great frankening. I haven't had the urge to franken of late, I'm still tweaking two that I'm not ready to roll out just yet. Nothing dramatic, but I am kind of excited about one.

More notes:
Also, with school cooking up, I am officially announcing what I am doing with regard to blog entries. I had originally hoped that I would be doing this daily or "live", but with two classes that are going to require blogs, I felt that I should just get this one going with what I call "future entries."
I deeply hope and pray that this offends no one, but I can't do a blog entry three-five times a week. Here's how it generally goes down: I either do a "Nail of The Day" or "Multi Swatch" photo, sometimes a combo, try to get them edited, labeled, uploaded and do a blog entry, I am so new to blogging, I never knew you could "future cast" your blog. So, I am doing that. Again, I hope that offends no one. 

I have now over 1300 polishes (OK, you know I've got backups so it's probably more like 1000) and at times it feels like I will never get to any of them, much less the new ones I covet (China Glaze Holiday, OPI Burlesque, China Glaze Anchors Away, Nars re-release, Nfu-Ohs, well...the list is endless).
So, every time I try a new one I wanted to get a photo and some thoughts onto my blog. 
I'd really like to blog about a lot of them, there's a lot there still that are "waiting.
So, bear with me while I try to bundle entries together. I guess you probably can notice it, my nails go short, longer, and short again! LOL!

PS I check comments, the page, and everything daily, I just want this not die out over the next few months, that would kind of stink, I really love my blog. 

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. We have about the same number of polishes! I sometimes feel overwhelmed - especially when I haven't yet decided what to wear next. How do you plan to make it through your collection?

  2. I probably won't ever get through everything, and when I started doing the math on it, I will have to figure out what to do with this stuff in my estate!

    I feel overwhelmed, too, especially trying to sort by color. This is part of why I started the blog, so at least I wouldn't forget about the ones I tried.

    The worst thing is accidentally buying dupes! I did that twice now.

    What surprises me, though is how many things about them I do actually remember!

    I think the thing too is that although I've got two Helmer drawers full of purple, they are all unique. I've got 1/3 a drawer of dark greens, all a bit different!

    Yes, at times it is very overwhelming!!

  3. Thanks for responding :)

    Sorting by color is brave! I find that too difficult and so sort by brand.

    Also, I wish I'd only bought dupes (the actual same polish) twice. I have a 1/2 memler drawer full of them!

    I found that I tend to buy the same shade in different brands too. There's a magenta/purple creme color that I have at least 8 bottles of - all from diff. brands - but I've only worn the color once! Hmm...maybe I should do a post about that...

  4. Hey!
    I'm following your blog! Your nails!!!! Swoooon!!!!

    I hear you on the "same bottle syndrome"

    That's why I sort by color. I am looking at a shelf with about 19 polishes on it that I pulled to sort: they are all shades of nude, nearly the same tone, about 6 are a little darkish, 8 a bit lighter and 4 are off white, possible bases for neons and sheers.

    When I start into dark greens, it's just a whole other 1/2 helmer drawer of nearly identical black/greens. I won't mention the purples!
    Oh, dear!
    Woman, you are making me look deep into my polish soul, and it's a scary hoarder-esque world!


    (I'm still always hunting for more, and I want to get 1/8th of your nail art skills!!!!)


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