Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Stars In the Rainbow

Color Club makes a line of art polishes they call Nail Art Stripers. Previously they labeled them as "Art Club" then discontinued them (how I got mine).

They have, at this writing over 60 shades. They run over $4 a bottle through their site, but can be had for about half a fiver most everywhere else. 

I love these for stamping, they are more dense and do a great job. A few weren't really stamping material, so I re-purposed it into a regular polish:

Color Club Black Hologram

I have a soft spot for these holographic scattered glitters. This is three coats with no top coat. You can see it has a soft satin finish.

A scattering of holo, micro and a little larger, make up this one. I think that the smaller one is silver, but it's hard to tell. 

This shade is no longer carried, but they have a lot of finishes, which is nice! Considering stamping polishes do go for a premium, it's nice to find some cremes that are nice and affordable. 

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