Monday, August 21, 2017

Red Topper Duo

Orly 15 Minutes of Fame


I picked this up at TJ Maxx. Fairly excited by both flakies and holo in this jelly polish, I was keen to try it.
I put some over black and some over white, but neither impressed.

The components to the eye when I have the bottle in my hand are exciting: jelly base, flakies, holo,  and glass fleck.

Yet I really felt like it was not finding the right venue for this polish. I think a vamp red or maroon might be a better choice.

I might reblog it.

SinfulColors Devil's Stare

Two coats over both black and white.

This is another rare foray by Sinfulpolish to go into flakies.

I have to admit their offerings are very popular.

This is not a mylar flake like Red Ocean (or Green Ocean, for that matter), but not really a true flakie. It's like they processed the flakies into smaller bits this time around, which helps because there are no bits that want to pop up perpendicular to your nail, or hang off the edge. Nice!

I think you can see it around the web sponge manicured because if you want density, that's what you have to do.

I like SC, they are a cheap brand that does a good job with colors. I tend to steer clear of their shimmers, but like their cremes and glass fleck.

I like it best over a lighter color, but the jelly base is super strong on this one.

I think over a similar red, or a maroon, or violet red it would be very nice.

To conclude, both of these polishes weren't making me roar.

Both can be found online with some poking around, though Devil's Stare is easily found on ebay.

NOTE: blog sale page is up and running, so please take a turn and check it out. Let me know if you want to make an offer: I am open!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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