Saturday, August 19, 2017

Capacity for Dystopia

I admit my encounters with young adult literature entailed a lot of horses and a lot of history and classical literature. I read one sci-fi that my sister liked (the Tripods trilogy), but I was much happier parsing the world of Walter Farley or Jack London.

So when I picked up a few random polishes from a big Nail Supply order I got a few that said "The Giver" on the lid. Based on a book, based on a movie it's a sad story about a sad future. (Read 1984, then look at the current news media, you don't need a book to show you dystopia!)

Reading the wicky-dicky about The Giver, I really have so little incentive to open the book, much less see the movie, that I can't really tell you much more than the bottles have "The Giver Limited Edition" on them. Although I've found a dupe, I am wondering if China Glaze pulled a few old recipes out of a box for this collaboration. I know they got hung out to dry on the Hunger Games movie (yet another sad future for us all, sigh), but this seems like something I missed then accidentally happened upon.

What I've got on: China Glaze Capacity to See Beyond (no pressure) topped with Nicole by OPI Wink of Twink.

A rich blue that is not super unique, but drenched with summer sky. I like it, although I did manage to slop it around with enthusiasm! I did try clean up, but as you can see, that wasn't the whole-lotta-win I was hoping for.

I like this polish at three coats and I won't complain about it. Much. It is loose, but I can award it props for being so pretty and drying very well.

I think you can rustle these "Giver" polishes fairly easily these days.

Wink of Twink is an old Nicole by OPI from  what sounds like a holiday collection. Though I tried flash, sun, angling my hand in the lamps, I could not get a decent holographic rainbow out of it. Even at close examination, I can't even find an implication of holo in my photos.

Having said that, it's a pretty silver topper that may, grab some holo in person in the sun, but it's not really very holographic at all. 

I am debating if I should just relegate it to silver topper or move it along. With the latter being pretty much my feeling towards it.

Too bad, it does have a soft twinkle but it's supposed to be holographic. 

Sad future for this polish.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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