Monday, July 24, 2017

The New Thing

Well, new to me.

In the world of indies there is the social media aspect that is a vital component of marketing. It is common for businesses to capitalize on this in ways that can make, and in some cases break, them. I will spare you the discursive ramble, suffice to say: if you are in the business with making money with an endeavor, you need your buns on a load of social media platforms. (and that includes blogging)

Right now there are dozens of nail polish groups for brands themselves, but also fans of brands and indies in general. Many times indies will customize items for their group or collaborate with others to sell to a general fan group. There is one group - of what quickly turned into many - I follow called "Holo-maniacs" and as you can guess, their wheelhouse is holo polishes (and the odd holo items that is just cool).

You need to ask to join these groups, but if you are a Facebook user, it's not hard and you can access destashes and special collaborations as well as custom items for the groups (plus give aways)

At first I was cynical, I didn't really used Facebook, and I felt like I was getting pooped on as a consumer because I had to have special access to buy things that I saw swatches of but didn't have access to buy. Super bummer. 

Then I put myself in the maker's shoes: who wouldn't want a bunch of enthusiasts guaranteed to buy  your polish, bring brand awareness, loyalty and support, by offering special things?
It only makes sense. I was in. I got it. And I've gotten a lot of polishes! Ha!

KBShimmer recently created a special polish called Holo Can You Go for Holo-maniacs.

No link on their site, not searchable, either, and nothing came up on google. You need to join the group and then you have access.

Is it worth it?

I think so! This royal blurple holo monster is a top ten polish! 

I grabbed this photo after a few days wear. I couldn't take it off!!!

Two coats, top coat is a combo of a CND Vinyluxe, Milani, and Seche Vive cocktail of leftovers I put into one bottle. 

So far, I have to say the group thing has been a lot of fun: I have found some items that I never even thought I'd ever get and I also enjoy having access to some of the exclusive items that I love.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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