Thursday, July 20, 2017

From the Lost Files

I had done a few swatches back in March 2017 and in an organizational fury, I put them in a folder, which I promptly ignored in plain sight.

Here are these timely summery mints.

BB Couture Kyona Beach

BB Couture came out with a few charity exclusives after the Haitian hurricane disaster in 2010.

A lovely crushed turquoise, I think this brand is wholly underappreciated.

Excellent formula, wear, and decent dry time. Love it.

They have an excellent selection and they keep a wide array of stock, so you're not driven by "limited edition-itis".

Recommend you check out their site. 

Milani Mint Crush

This turned me into lobster hands and I really had to tweak this photo. 

Two coats, but not a fun polish to work with. Thick, goopy, unwieldy.

It might have been improved with thinning.

Recommend, not any more.

Here's it doing the cat's nine lives as a stamping polish:

Saved! Over a taupe whose name I forgot to write down it does an excellent job.

Talk about slacker, I forgot the plate info, too.

*hangs head in shame*

Meanwhile, buzz on over to BB Couture: their stuff is always very well done.
(not affiliated, I buy my own polish) :D

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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