Thursday, July 27, 2017

Four Purples You Need To Know About

Here's a swatchfest of purples that I've worn, but haven't posted before. They are in much need of an outing.


Kiko 278

Three coats. Simply gorgeous!!!
I think I picked this up through a blog sale. These days it's a blur: eBay, blog sales, facebook, etc.
It doesn't appear to be on the Kiko site any longer.

Meanwhile, this is a great formula and a lovely glassy finish (no top coat!) This is a stellar polish.
Despite my attempt to splash it around my nail, it seems to defy my best efforts and I only jammed up one nail. Win!

If you find it, grab it!

Brucci Grape Galaxy

A deep vamp loaded with silver glass fleck it is a classic three coater and a decent formula.

I don't really see much Brucci except randomly online. Their website is a bit of a conundrum with a South African Rand system after the home page professes "Made in the US". Maybe it just means they can't quite make it in the US, so they sell abroad.

Meanwhile a pretty polish, though very dark. The glass fleck brings it out of just being this side of a black polish.

I feel like Brucci might be more available on the east coast of the US. Out here in the west, it's just nowhere to be seen.
Except eBay, Amazon, etc.

Barielle Grape Escape

I purchased this awhile ago and saw that I didn't blog it, sheesh!

Three coats, gorgeous purple and such an amazing shade that I didn't quite capture (my photo is a bit blue).

I didn't do clean up, but you can see it help up against my fling-y approach to application of late!

Barielle is a brand that should have the kind of brand status OPI does: better formula, better overall. Yet, OPI has such a hold and releases relentlessly boring collections season after season.

Hey, I put my money where my mouth is: no one sends me any freebies, so OPI will hear me speak truth to power.

Barielle: buy it.

Gosh Wild Lilac

Truly a gem. I think I bought it through a blog sale, but I may have picked it up on eBay. Eep.

Meanwhile three coats, could have been two. Delightful! Not top coat, lots of gloss!

I seem to manage to splash over on one or two nails and just can't be bothered with clean up these days. The upside is that this formula holds together pretty well.

I wish Gosh was more accessible! I feel like Australian, Korean, and European brands outshine a lot of US ones.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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