Monday, July 17, 2017

Dance Legend Chimera

I think I've posted some Dance Legend before. I will be honest: It's a brand that I adore.

I need to buy some more, it's just that getting what I want entails a huge international order or random indie sellers who import the brand.

Meanwhile, here is a great polish that is still available:

This is a metallic blue shimmer with pops of micro shimmer. Though in most lights this just doesn't show up, it's a normal metallic.

This is a three coater, first coat is very thin, but surprisingly by the third coat it's just find. Not going to transition into a stamping polish, but is a gorgeous stand alone beauty.

A true blurple it hails from the Dance Legend Mystery collection. Lots of shifty flakes and some shifty metallics.

This is a favorite of mine: easy formula, and while needing three coats, this is a no fuss formula. If you can't stand brushstrokes this might be an issue, but in truth, they settle for the most part. 

I am very biased: I love the color, I find the formula super easy to work with, and I love how the hidden sparkle comes out in the sunshine.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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