Friday, May 5, 2017

Pure Ice Fairy Tale Forest Collection

Yes, I know this is from 2015. I agree, it's old and hard to find. I do need to get it blogged.

Overall: Liked it a lot. Many hits and a couple of misses.

Simply put: Pure Ice doesn't let you down.

I've maxed out on polishes and purged a ton here at work (over 50 polishes, and I feel like I've barely dented the surface!) and will be purging more soon. Keep your eye's on the blog sale page. This weekend I'll be adding to it!

Quick notes: As my nails had been stained horribly by a teal green Maybelline Color Show, I've put a nude base over my nails. This helps the glass fleck/creme combos a lot.

Let's start!

Pure Ice Fairy Tale Forest

The namesake polish of the collection. Wow.
I love a petrol blue like crazy and this one takes the cake.

First off formula. Perfect two coats. 

Second, a pearly shimmer that shows minor brushstrokes. Yay! 

Pure Ice Faraway Land

I split the base on the glitters so you could see them over a deep shade then a white. Two coats each.
The middle finger has a bit of bleed from the navy I used on the ring and index. 

Over white, it is basically a glitter and a micro glitter. Kind of nice over white, but over black. Wow. Color shifting and beautiful. A keeper.

Two coats.

Pure Ice True Love's Kiss

Icy mauve pink and a favorite. Needed three coats, but tight little formula and a glass fleck that is a soft warm iridescent shimmer. 

Soft, subtle, and lovely, I like this one a lot.

Pure Ice Precious Jewel

Soft turquoise with the same warm iridescence. Very pretty and soft, like an animated character's costume: not too bright, but distinctive.

Three coats. I didn't do clean up on any of these, so you can see here I had issues, but I think they were mine, not the polishes.

Pure Ice Prince Charming

This is a case of me wrestling with my camera...apologies!

A soft blue, akin to the pink above, loaded with a cooler iridescent shimmer. Quite lovely, verys soft and a nice little three coater.

Pure Ice White As Snow

This is an interesting decision by Pure Ice. It's a white shimmer loaded with small and medium glitters. If the glitter wasn't there I think I would like it a touch more. 

Two coats each. Over white you can see the soft pink iridescence and it's pretty nice. 

Personally I think the glitters add zero to this polish. I think due to it's nature, it's very limited over anything but a pastel, and ice shade, or a white or creme.

The urge to add glitter to things is over rated.

Pure Ice Tales Untold

Final glass fleck/creme combo: a lovely if not unremarkable lavender with iridescent shimmer.

To reiterate: these glass fleck/cremes are a wee bit sheer, in definite need of a third coat and enhanced by a nude (or unstained!) base.

I love pale purple, and this one is very nice.

Stella Grace

The name is, to me, like, wait, what?

The polish is a case of too little glitter in a lovely pink glass fleck shimmer base. It's gorgeous. There is a star glitter that is in such a small amount that I only managed to fish one out. Insane. Why not just a color transforming topper? I don't know. The glitter is sparse at two coats.

Close, so close, ut not worth the time to hassle with the glitters.

This collection was available in certain Walmartlands, but not mine, so a very kind and generous MakeupAlley member bought it for me. Super nice!

I think, though, this collection has cured my "limited-edition-itis".

No single color stands out as a "must have" for a limited edition set. While they are all pretty, I think the glitter/shimmer combo is not totally successful, except in the case of Faraway Land.

I do like Precious Jewel.

Finding these are a bit of a challenge: try blog sales. Ebay has them at a steep price. I don't know that they aren't dupable with a topper and a generic pastel creme.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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