Friday, April 21, 2017

Different Dimension My Forever Fairytale

This collection came out a few months ago, a bright mid-winter holographic and glitter collection full of dreams and possibilities.

I like this collection, and think it is quite beautiful. The shades are subtle and can be used to layer, yet do build.

Three are micro glitters with holographic scattered glitters with the new red to green shifting glitters that are like the flakies of old, but I will warn that these tend to sit in the orange/amber range under normal lighting conditions. This can muddy up a shade, but on the other hand, can be quite beautiful in contrast.
The other three are those micro flakie holos that are light lovers and give up stunning holo.
Finally there is a bonus shade included if you buy the set. A pretty normal holo.

Let's roll them out!

Slay Your Own Dragons

Teal leaning turquoise glitters with some holographic glitters. Also the new "red to green" shifting glitter in a small enough amount to add dimension without overpowering the shade.

The micro glitter is metallic, so it kicks up a lot of light.

Two coats, and probably could have used three.

This is a pretty polish, I think amazing over something like a navy or a perfectly matched turquoise.

Dream Impossible Dreams

This is very pale and very sweet. The red green is super subtle, but there. Two coats, in need of a third, and over a lavender it would sing.

Always Wish Upon a Star

Described as a baby pink, it tends to drift into a warmer coral/nude pink thanks to the red/green shifting glitter. A above, a micro glitter with metallic and holo to drive the base and the scattering red/green for interest.

Two coats, better coverage. I love this shade a lot. Very neutral, delightful over a pale rose pink or a pale earthy rose.

This winds up the micro glitter/red-green shift polishes in this collection.

I am liking this glitter, but it has it's limitations and a lot of makers - this one is no exception - are reformulating their polishes with an addition of this red-green shifting glitter. It's subtle in this collection, which is nice.

Once Upon a Time

Called a rose gold, I'd call it a copper pink, and it's a stunner. Though my flash is killing off the holo, this is a linear and a holo flake.Wow. Beautiful!

Two coats and quite the win.

Never Too Old For Fairy Tales

Called a lavender gold, I think the gold is hard to spot. It's the same: linear holo and a holo flake that kills. Gorgeous and a beautiful lavender that holds its own against the gold in the formula.

Two coats.

The Best Is Yet To Come

Billed as another gold based holo, this time bright blue is the color store plus holo and, as above, those tasty holo flakies.

Two coats.

These last three are truly holo monsters, but under light that won't pick up the holo, they are really beautiful, particularly Once Upon a Time.

Bonus polish: Tale Old as Time

A tawny nude, or an earthy gold, however you look at it, this one is the whole kitchen sink!
Holo, holo flakes, and red-green shifting shimmer. Shimmer, not glitter. It's a beauty. In the summer it will kill with a tan.
I am glad it's not a pink nude, this works for me and I'm finding it quite a nice bonus.

Currently available on Different Dimensions website.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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