Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Color Club Extravaganza

Here are some semi-older Color Clubs I wanted to finally blog.

It's two collections:

  • Electro Candy - came out in 2009 and kind of went invisible, a neon collection that didn't spark like the others CC was releasing. I purchased these at Ross when they still had the 6-7 packs of CC's available. This is a neon with a twist: a turquoise/royal blue shifting shimmer that is so ahead of it's time, my head swims. Mixed results, but overall, a good decision. Lifts it out of "yet another neon" collection. Still available online.
  • Poptastic Remix - I think came out in 2014, a glitter version of their neon shades. I purchased these through 8ty8beauty (their shipping isn't low, but their price point on CC is very good). These are still available, too.

I've put the neons over white, most are three coats, and there are no top coats.

I've done a single then combo thing, hope you enjoy!!

Tangerine Scream

My favorite. I love this one a lot. Three coats over the white base. My photo doesn't show the shimmer, but it is a delightful contrast.

Tangerine Scream topped with Go Go Green

Go Go Green is a blue/yellow/white glitter in a clear base. I think it's a super pretty one, especially if you like glitter. It's a lovely, contrast-y combination. Excuse the out of focus.

Color Club Electro Candy

The namesake of the collection. A soft melon pink neon. My bottle broke and I managed to salvage some of it into an empty bottle. Thanks goodness.
Three coats over the white base.

Color Club Electro Candy topped with Woodstock or Bust

Delightful yellow and white glitter.

The glitters do need two coats, I didn't try sponging with any of them, but felt that they would work well, I never felt like I had to fish anything out.

Color Club Volt of Light

This is another one that works well for the contrasting shimmer. If you like yellow, you may want to hunt this down. While it needed the three coats, and the white base certainly helps these polishes as a whole, the shimmer is a stand out.

Color Club Volt of Light topped with British Invasion

This is one of my favorite glitter combos. The blue/pink/white reflects the Union Jack in a neon-esque way, and the colors pop.

Color Club Pure Energy

Pure Energy isn't one of my favorites. It read as a shimmer and definitely needed the base of white to bring out it's charm.

Color Club Pure Energy topped with Do the Twist

Another perfectly adorable glitter. Pink/yellow/white that just pops.

It looks orange, but it's the pink and yellow playing together, less obvious on the nail than in the bottle.

Color Club What a Shock

I think this particular shade shows the weakness in this collection. It's sheer. They seemed to have been unable to pack in the pigmentation necessary in this green, and it disappointed.

Color Club What a Shock topped with My Generation

A pretty basic combo: white and pink. I'd say it would be worth owning if you don't have one. I like the neon pink glitter, I am not sure putting it over green would be my future choice!

Color Club Ultra Violet

I debated putting this photo in the lineup. Why? The purple faded to raspberry pink, it's a shade deeper than my photo, too. I'm wearing it now over a nude and it's an amazing shade: the contrasting shimmer just kills. If this were darker, I think I'd like it, too, but this berry with the aqua popping out really belts it out of the park. Shades of Emily de Molly Sparta Drive.

I even took it off and reapplied it. Hey hey!

Color Club Ultra Violet topped with Daydream Believer

Excuse the Photoshop issue, it was too dark and I had to brighten it. Man. Though, what a lovely blue and white glitter.
Like My Generation, it's an easy one.

There you have it. A neon collection that left a slight mark in the Color Club pantheon of neons. I think that their tendency toward sheerness and the relative similarity to some better cremes that CC already had in their stable really didn't show these off to their best ability.

I know that this was one of the last sets I bought and I know that soon they raised their price to an astonishing $8 a bottle through their resellers (it's rightsized by the looks of things, though who can fault their holographic collections? Not me).

The only one I recommend is the yellow, orange and purple (though mine isn't).

The glitters are nice, Though I think in the wake of indies, it's almost a kind of a hard sell to get too excited over these.

We've had a wet and ghastly spring. Today it's in the 40's and normally it's hot by now. I needed a jab in the arm with some summer shades.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!!!

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