Friday, April 7, 2017

Sparkling Boho

China Glaze Boho Blue

Shot with a flash, this is a bit more demure than this photo shows.

Three necessary coats.

Lovely self-leveling, glossy finish - this is sans top coat.

This is from 2015 Road Trip collection. I love how clear and bright it is in this photo, but it's a little more periwinkle in real life.

I tossed on a polish I was certain I blogged, OPI Spark de Triomphe:

Together they are perfect, the warm leaning silver in SdT matches perfectly with the purple leaning baby blue.

I love Boho Blues, but if you aren't into three coaters, this one may not be for you. The first two coats gave me some concern, but by three, things evened out and there was no complaints. Gorgeous.

Wore well and dried so fast, I had to take a double take. So nice!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!!

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