Monday, April 17, 2017

Emily de Molly Fancy Sauce, Redux

I used Emily de Molly Fancy Sauce a few posts ago, but it wasn't the star, more of a key supporting player.

Here it is in all its glory!

I. can't. even. It is so perfectly lovely. The green/blue shifting opalescent flakies are changelings. There is a splash of holo, but it's more of an accent rather than a heavy dose, so it plays with the flakies rather than overpowers them.

I have two coats over a black.

Here you can see the holo catching the light, though washed out under my lamp, I don't think it's at its best here.

I then put it over white

Wow! With flash now you can see that the iridescence shifts into the pink violet range.

Simply gorgeous. I love translucent flakies and their shift over other shades.

Taken using just a lamp, no flash. Though washed out,  you can see the index finger on the left shows it shifting into the tangerine and almost yellow. Nice!

Still on Emily de Molly's site as of this writing.

If you like flakies, you will enjoy this one!!

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