Friday, March 3, 2017


Without a computer at home, and the learning curve of lighting for my new camera, greens are slow off the starting blog, er, block, this year.

I'm in it to win it, though!

Here's a glitter combo: Hard Candy Sweet Pea topped with Cover Girl Crystal Mist

Sweet Pea is sponge applied. Note to self: paint some latex protection on your skin, will ya? It took a lot of acetone with the brush to pry off the glitter. Doh!

This took about 3-4 sponges to get a very nice density. 

Painting it with coats of polish would have never reached this kind of coverage without a thick load of base. 
I've not used this technique for a long time and it didn't pan out, so I didn't bother. This went very well, with the exception of the excess glitter, so I will be trying it again on some other polishes.

Hard Candy Sweet Pea is a plain chartreuse metallic glitter. 

I added my favorite green/blue iridescent polish, Crystal Mist and that's the bright blue pops you see in the photo.

Both of these are discontinued, however eBay might reveal some love. I would check out indies, too, to see if someone is throwing down a chartreuse glitter. You never know!

Nice to start off with a fresh, yellow-green that reminds me of budding daffodils.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal.

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