Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Blues from Animated Movies

Here's a quick comparison between a couple of pale blues packed with glass fleck.

Left to right:
  • SinfulColors Cinderella
  • Maybelline Frozen Over
  • SinfulColors Cinderella
  • Maybelline Frozen Over

I've read that Maybelline is a bit more glitzy than SinfulColors, but in truth I really had to track from bottle to nail to photo to blog post to really see any kind of difference whatsoever...aka zero real difference.

All are three coats and all are over a nude so issues of translucency are mitigated.

I think Maybelline might be on eBay, but SC should be floating around a SC display, on or off depending on the season and the repromote.

Both are shot under my lamp with my Sony E6000, Very low light situation, and it still popped out some shimmer.

Of the two, I think SC wins due to availability.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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