Friday, February 10, 2017


Polished by KPT is an oldie I picked up at Llarowe during her "going out of selling other polishes" sale.

Lumieres is a beautiful topper with complexities that merit a close look.

Here is a polish whose beauty is hard to overstate.
A silvery lilac holo glitter with a purple to pink shifting shimmer base. The shimmer never overpowers the holographic, and the silver undertone mean that it's got enough coverage to ride solo.

I have it over black (Milani striping polish)

From left to right:
Four coats
Three coats
Two coats
One coat

So it's a topper and a full coverage polish at the same time. Excellent!

I see that the facespace presence is light, that their web site is non-existent, and the presence on indie etailers (Color4Nails and LiveLovePolish) is pretty much gone. They are on Harlowe and Company (Canadian), but well, they are all on sale.

Many factors work for or against an indie polish brand. I'd say the winners have made a lot of noise on message boards, social media, and networked into the mainstream beauty world. The irony is that ladies will drop $35 on a Chanel dupe of a dollar store navy blue, but won't take a second look at an unknown indie with more stunning finishes and excellent formulae. What to do?

I, for one, will support them. In my budget-y way, of course!

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!

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