Tuesday, February 14, 2017


If you haven't looked into the indie brand CrowsToes, you probably ought to give them a look. If you you've been distracted by the myriad of new indies, go back and look at CrowsToes again. Worth it.

They are an indie who was an early favorite and came out with complex collections that just took your breath away. I feel like they were a brand who didn't try to emulate more holos that mainstream companies were missing, or just throwing out glitter bombs, but really put some depth and notion into each bottle.

I have to admit I have not blogged them at all for some odd reason. The time is NOW.

CrowsToes Nidavellir

Three coats, very excellent formula. No clean up and wow, the shift is mind cracking.
Bright turquoise blue, edged in cobalt slipping into deep purple.

Wait. There's more.
You might as well just sit back and enjoy.

(Yes it's still available! What? No! YES!)

Normally wrestling with multichromes is a drag, but this was a pleasure. Truly a pleasure.
Look at that gorgeous purple!

Slipping into this rosy amber coral just about flipped my wig. Love it so hard!

The light gathering qualities of my camera without a tripod were maxed out to grab this beautiful orange amber shift.
(And may I add here, my Sony A6000 may be old news in the screamingly fast world of photo technology, but I love the color accuracy that reminds me of my old Minolta from "the day")

Mind blown.

I need buy a back up before it is sold out. This kills a lot of old SH shifties for me.

I will add that the holo glitter is ample enough to impart some "party" to the mix without too much to overshadow the shift of this polish.


I wore it for about 4-5 days and it was a good soldier!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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