Friday, November 11, 2016

The Same...But Different

The interwebz is full of people who enjoy laughing - a bit too hard at times - at others. Little has changed, exept the exponential way in which it all seems to happen.

One meme is the girl holding about 8 bottles of mint polish with a look of hapless frustration: they are different!!! (Even though they look all the same)

When I acquired Nicole by OPI Sing You Like a Bee (part of a country western singer's collection that came out a few years ago) and OPI Ski Slope Sweetie (from 2013's Mariah Carey collection) I just kept them next to each other because they were basically dupes:

While my stained nails don't provide the perfect backdrop, essentially these polishes - at three coats - just produces a translucent golden glass fleck shimmer. Nothing like the white you see in the bottle (unless you put it over white)

Left to right:
OPI Ski Slope Sweetie
Nicole by OPI Sing You Like a Bee
OPI Ski Slope Sweetie
Nicole by OPI Sing You Like a Bee

The only difference is that NOPI SYLaB is a texture, and OPI SLS is not.

I took OPI Time-Less is More and topped Ski Slope Sweetie:

I love this combo a lot. Uniformly sheer, Time-Less is More lets Ski Slope Sweetie glow.
Win! This is a good option if you don't want a big old chalky white base.

Then tried OPI Ski Slope Sweetie over a deeper shade, Sparitual Solitude:

It's quite stunning at one coat, but at two coats, here, it's a bit overwhelming. Very beautiful!

Finally I took NOPI Sing You Like A Bee and put it over Color Club Coastal Creme
then topped it with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

I took this with my camera using a flash and it's a fast last minute mani, but man, this one just is as close to opals on my nails as I 've been able to achieve. It's fairly amazing, this combo. 

Here's another shot where you can see the texture:

This is using sunshine, late afternoon.

Hope you enjoyed!!

Thanks for looking!

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