Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Designer Series Perfection and Dazzle

OPI Designer Series has been regarded as the vanguard of holos and cool finishes.

Once while getting my driver's license renewed I complemented a lady on her manicure, it was DS  Magic. She insisted it had real diamonds in it when I made a slight raise of the brows. Who was I to argue with the excellent marketing campaign?
Meanwhile I just saw DS Radience at T.J. Maxx for $3.99, so sometimes the magic isn't enough to keep them from getting joblotted.

OPI has pretty much discarded the "epic holographic" legacy they forged and rely on weak duochromes (seek out an indie for a better one than they've ever offered) and glitters. Ok. I can see that. For me the brand has lost much of its lustre with collection after collection of forgetable colors. Long gone are the days when people knew the colors just by initials alone. The market has expanded and competitive brands are anteing up with head turning colors.

But the old ones still hold their value.

I have a pair that are similar: both are glass fleck, both are in a similar color family.
Differences? One is demure and the other more bold.

Enjoy! (Normal three-coated-ness)

OPI DS Dazzle DS014

Beautiful cool pink loaded up with a flashy glass fleck that just punches out reflective light.

I won't bore you with the usual "omgoshIloveit" (but I do)

These photos are from 2014, so it's the last of the "find"

Unable to find it online at this time, though it may pop up.

Full of pink glass fleck shimmer in a pink base, it does show some color shift, but not a whole lot. It will peek into the amber on the far curve of the bottle, but not into blue on the other side. It could never be called a duochrome.

Worth owning. I don't have anything this shade this good.

OPI DS Perfection DS015

This is the more earthy rose Designer Series polish. It is a bit of a changeling: working a soft neutral rose then pushing into a soft redwood shade. In the bottle it reeks of duochrome tastiness, but does not perform on the nail.

My photos here must have been a struggle because I am fighting lint like crazy!

This one is on eBay and for a pretty penny at this writing.

While I have a number of cremes that are similar to this, I don't have a glass fleck shimmer.

I love this one, too. It's the quiet sister, and sometimes she has more to say if you just listen.

Worth owning if you love this finish. At three coats you can see visible nail line, I think, though, on the ring finger I only did two coats. It's really not bad for coverage as you will see below.

Here is a comparison between them:

These photos, unlike the ones above, were taken in late afternoon sun rather than under lamps, so they are a bit warmer than the ones above.

Left to right:

OPI DS Perfection
OPI DS Dazzle
OPI DS Perfection
OPI DS Dazzle

Very different, but similar finish. Both exceedingly lovely!

Bottle shot (because, why not?)

Same order, and you can see the varying shifts.


Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!

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