Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Nope: Not Dupes NOPI Purple Yourself Together Dutch'ya Love OPI

So, I've blogged both of these, but I didn't put them together until recently.

Thought I better put that one to bed before I actually rest on an assumption rather than something a little more empirical.

I've been wanting to get through so many polishes and just never seem to get around to this pairing!

Here they are:

Left to right:
Nicole by OPI Purple Yourself Together
OPI Dutch'ya Love OPI
Nicole by OPI Purple Yourself Together
OPI Dutch'ya Love OPI

Close, but no cigar. This is at three coats each.

While you can see they have the same bone structure - plummy purple and gold shimmer - it's like those photos of people who look alike but aren't related.

Ironically I decided to do this when I was organizing my stash and saw that I had them in separate drawer.


It's basically a matter of ratios. I think that you will see in the next photo of the first coat where things differ:

Quite sheer is our little NOPI on the first coat, but I confess that I love the soft halo of gold that is shot across the length of the nail.

I didn't think until this writing that you could actually combine the two: use D'yLOPI topped with PYT to increase the gold.

Dutch'ya Love OPI is from the 2012 Holland collection and Purple Yourself Together is from a Target exclusive collection of the same year.

So, same ingredients, different proportions.

The OPI is more of a creme with a "secret shimmer" and the NOPI is more of a true shimmer bathed in a crelly base.

I think both are found online with some poking around, too.

I also think which one you might like more is more about personal taste. I like both, with a tendency toward the NOPI, but I don't think either is superior, I think they are just simply different.

Here's a bottle shot:

The pair are simply beautiful and it could have been either one in the Holland collection.

My personal recommendation? The Nicole by OPI. Why? The shimmer is spot on trend with the contrasting shade shimmer that is pushing up through the ground right now. I will add that secret shimmer, as I've stated before, often ends up being "personal shimmer" because that's all you can see of the darn thing.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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