Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lynnderella Forget You Not

Periwinkle and glitter.

The cold is inching in and I have to admit I have trepidation and excitement: it is supposed to be a snowy winter, but I am excited because I think we need the cold weather.

Duality has it's pros and cons.

Lynderella Forget You Not over American Apparel T-Shirt

Breathtaking and delicate, like crocuses emerging from the snow. 

This is two coats over American Apparel T-Shirt.
Large, small, and micro shimmers wiht pink and blue among the two shades of blue glitter. This is a gorgeous polish.

I will add though, that somewhere there is either glitter bleed or there is something murky about he formula. T-shirt is a pure white, but the base has a gray tinge that doesn't seem intentional. I decanted some of it and added thinner. Well see if it stops the bleed.

Good luck finding this one, long since discontinued in the Lynderella pantheon of glitter polishes, I can't think of a dupe, or anything similar. Well, except for a discontinued Cirque glitter that is a pretty periwinkle blue called Orphelia

Like a mountain flower, it's time might be short, but it's beauty is hard to surpass.

May I give a shout out to American Apparel T-shirt?

Two coats on my ridge-tastic nails and look at this???? Holy WOW! 
I am on the hunt for more of this discontinued polish. 
No streaking, no ridge filling base coat. I think I did slap it over a bare nails, though. 

Moving on...

Lynderella Forget You Not over NYX Purple Dream

Here you can see the difference between the glitter colors: one more lavender and one more periwinkle.

I thought NYX Dreamy Purple had been blogged, but apparently not. 

One thing I will say is that Forget You Not has a touchy formula. Not as bad as that green one I blogged a while back, but working on being very slow to dry, even with a quick dry top coat.

Beautiful, but tricky to dry if not patiently attended to, as it re-wets dry base coats and will cause smudges.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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