Thursday, November 24, 2016

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Well, it's an 80's flashback in our current zeitgeist, so I felt the urge to meet it head on with kindness, caring, and genuine understanding of others, empathy I think is the word I want.

In the meantime, my nails can look marvelous. And they can promise to give shelter where needed by lending my voice where needed. And it's needed!

Nars Gimme Shelter

Taken with my iPhone and flash combined with lamp, this baby is a maginifcent berry wine shade wiht a popping shimmer that dips down into darkness, but catches light with easy grace.

Nars never gives me up on formula: smooth, unifom, and doesn't pool into cuticles. Ever.

Thank you ever so, as Lorelei Lee might say!

Thank you so much, too, for reading my little nail polish journal! Thanks and gratitude, in abundance!

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