Sunday, November 6, 2016

Every Month Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Awareness means monthly self exam and getting mammograms every year.

I think as we realize that our diets affect our bodies in ways we haven't completely parsed scientifically (though there is a ton of actual evidence, too), it doesn't hurt to address nutrition in a meaningful way in ones life. It's something I'm addressing beyond just thinking about it. Won't say it's easy, but every little bit helps.

Meanwhile here is a pretty combination that surprised me with its blatant cuteness

Color Club Yachty, Yachty, Yadda topped with Sephora Formula X Whimsical

CC YYY is a staple in my pink wardrobe, it's the perfect blend of an Easter pink and a bubble gum pink.

Sephora's X line has been through several iterations of bottle design and seems to also regularly discard lines and colors. I will be frank here, I dislike Sephora's site and search features. It's often like walking into a crowded party only to find the company would have been nice if the music wasn't so loud.

I found Whimsical at Big Lots! and for $1.80 I am pleasantly surprised. It's a combination of a scattered silver metallic glitter of two sizes mixed in with a strong dose of silver glass fleck as a base.

A pretty polish, but super hard to find. I'd suggest if you are after this effect, without trying to hunt down this one, try SinfulColors Out of This World and a silver hex glitter, there is one in every brand and price point. It's pretty easy to recreate since it's fairly generic.

In the meantime, this pretty little polish that combines topper and glitter, which is always nice!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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