Sunday, October 9, 2016

Who Is It?

I thought I had actually blogged this, but when I used it as a stamping polish, I realized I hadn't. This is part of the 2014 photo find.

No wonder I thought I'd blogged it, though, because I did take photos:

Finger Paints Hue Rang

Three coats, but two would have done nicely.

Part of the core line of Finger Paints through Sally Beauty, or at least was, as it appears they are phasing out some colors, and bringing on the new "thing" which is basically versions of Vinylux.

It's understandable as people like the idea of nail polish but the extras like painting and removal are kind of a drag for some. Personally I find it relaxing.

So, it looks like Hue Rang is no longer on the Sally Beauty web site, nor is it easily available on line. I know that to get mine, back in 2011 or so, I asked someone to do a custom purchase because it wasn't at my regional Sally Beauty.

I did use it as a stamping polish, too, and it does quite a good job. Very impressive. I am a little less than thrilled with the color, but that's more personal taste.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. First, what a gorgeous purple - so up my alley. I'll be keeping an eye out for it when I visit Sally's next - sometimes I find older stuff.

    Second, I'm with you when it comes to painting my nails. I do it not just for the pretty colors, but it's my "ME" time, where even though I'm probably still working on the computer, I'm still doing something just for me. I have to keep explaining to the clerks at Sally's, etc. that the long wear/gel like/whatever polishes are lost on me, because I change my nail color twice a week. Different strokes, I suppose.

    1. I so agree, long wear stuff just doesn't necessarily work. I just paint too often. Though I will admit that it does help with the top coats they have, extending wear a few more days.


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