Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Red Glass Fleck Swatch Fest

That trove of 2014 photos yielded a ton of colors I was sure I'd swatched. Finding these photos has been fun.

Here are a pack of jelly based glass fleck reds to share.


OPI Wing It!

From OPI's Summer Flutter collection of around 2010, it is a beautiful bright cherry red packed with red, amber and purple glass fleck. It shifts from pinkish red, to orange red, depending on the light.

I found mine originally when it came out through an online etailer. The good news is that it's still floating around online, though not on OPI's site itself.

The mix of colors is splendid.

It's a three coater, with vaguely visible nail line, but truly a beautiful creation by OPI.

China Glaze Cherry Pie

From China Glaze's 2009 Summer Days collection, this is a beautiful red on red glass fleck in jelly base.
More of a sheer polish, though I have three coats, it's bright and fresh like a perfect summer day.
Still available online, but at a fairly HTF price point.

I won't lie, I miss that China Glaze used to put together whole collections of one type of finish. This was part of one such collection.

Borghese Colosseo Crimson

Now pretty much defunct in the nail polish realm, Borghese three out some unique shades.
This is a fairly generic red jelly packed to the rafters with gold glass fleck.

Three coats and scant visible nail line.

The red is bright, and it covers the glass fleck very well. Quite affordable on eBay at this writing.

Sephora Go With The Flow-er

Bright red with a generous, but scattered array of glass fleck in purple, amber and red. Lovely and almost full coverage at three coats.

I like the substantial SOPI bottles, but they don't grab my attention for some reason when I am reaching for a polish.

I found mine at the Big Lots! near me, since Sephora by OPI was phased out a few years ago and replaced by Formula X. Unable to find it online, it might show up, though I would opt for Wing It! should you be wanting this kind of polish since they have a lot of the same backbone with the amber, purple, and red glass fleck.

Nicole By OPI Fuchsia Wife

Not dissimilar to OPI Wing It!, but much more sheer and really more of a topper than anything else. Although not to discount it's capabilities as a topper. It can rock on its own dime admirably. Personally I like it a lot. I toss it over red and purple as well as any think vampy.

Not impossible to find, either. I will say this whole collection did have a lot of cool stuff that really never surprises me from Nicole by OPI. People hate on the bottles, but they do a nice job of keeping their head above water in a competitive drug store environment. I've got a lot of NOPIs and I have very few that give me a problem.

Milani Just Peachy

Perhaps the most obscure of the bunch, but still online for the having.

Found at the Dollar Tree, this one is loaded with silvery color changing glass fleck in a warm red base. In no way to I consider this "peach" at all, but really just a bright red.

The jelly red is strong and just zings. I think it, here at three coats, can stand alone and work as a topper.

This is part of the discontinued Milani as they've changed their bottles and tightened up their look into a much more modern and visually arresting one than they had in the past. I will say I've seen people comment on the look of the bottles, but I've never been too bugged by the look of a bottle if the polish inside works for me.

All right, there you have it. A bunch of zingy reds. I had tried to do a comparison, but my camera settings make my hands look red and even with access to real Photoshop, there was just no fixing any of the comparisons.

In a nutshell I'd say if you are like glass fleck, grab Wing It! if you like cool toned and Cherry Pie if you are warm toned, or the Milani (eBay for a song, btw).

Thank you for reading my little nail polish museum!

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