Friday, October 14, 2016

Misa Lavender Trio

Another find from my 2014 photo stash!

Three polishes from Misa that tick the lavender box quite nicely.

Misa Shop Til You Drop

Three coats, no top coat. A soft, frosted creamy shimmer. The silvery frost brightens up a cool almost neutral lavender.

I bought this years ago through Head2Toe Beauty. While I can't figure out what Misa is up to now (a day late and a dollar short on collections, collections that lack much imagination, and so little promotion that as I see new nail polish aficionados come up in the ranks, they never even see this brand, but I digress), I do feel like they had a lot of cool nail polishes that were both ahead of the curve and positively prescient.

Meanwhile this one does push into brushstroke territory, but the color does redeem itself.

No longer on Head2Toe, but still on Misa's website!

Misa Denim and Lace

Similar to China Glaze's Anklets of Amethyst and Grape Juice, it's a polish who truly let me down.

Three coats here and it was patchy, balding, and just plain sheer.

It's available at Misa's website and appears to be - perhaps - reformulated to look more like a taupe based purple with shimmer and glass fleck. I can see why it's been changed up, it just won't apply nicely.

I did try it over a dark purple and it was really just a patchy, balding mess. So, while it's sheer, it's not really a topper. Can't win them all.

Russian Sage

Akin to Shop Til You Drop in that it's a creamy shimmer but that's where the resemblence ends with a strong violet punch that shifts from pink to blue.

Les demure, much more luminous. A favorite of mine, that's for sure.

Still on the Misa's website, good job, Misa!

Here's a comparison:

I have to admit that Misa's Denim and Lace is not something I'd recommend, but Shop Til You Drop and Russian Sage are quite amazing.

All of these that I own are Big Three chemistry, but currently their website states that they are now 5-Free, which is great.

Thank you so much for reading my little nail polish journal!

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