Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Deep Blue Sea

It's that time of year: ocean time, lake time, and in my case, river time.

I've got to admit my favorite blues are those that evoke water.

Here's a quick combo China Glaze All Wrapped Up topped with Milani Blue Flash

Deep water with glinting sunlight.


Three coats here, though! And it finishes like a texture, but it's really just a glitter on glitter.

Here is China Glaze All Wrapped Up alone:

It is like a perfect blueberry blue. Yummy!

China glaze can be found online very easily and the Milani Blue Flash on eBay, etc. Nice!

I have to say this is one of the best glitters around: Covers in 3 coats and no messing around.

While I'd call this a micro glitter, I'd say it's just normal small glitter and micro glitter. I don't think it's really a texture, though. It just does that glitter thing.

Thanks for jumping into the deep end with me! :D


  1. Such a pretty combo!! I am trying to thinki For I have either of those polishes or near dupes so I can recreate!

    1. I think Essie's blue from the LuxEffects collex is almost, but not quite deep enough.

      I don't have another navy glitter like this and don't see one around. It's pretty amazing.


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