Saturday, June 11, 2016

Green Green Comparison: Glass Fleck

I know I tend to back burner green for most of the year, but I really wanted to check out some stuff I've ignored far too long.

First up is SinfulColors Kissy

Three coats and a pretty glass fleck gold in a rich emerald green jelly base. 

I found this randomly at Walgreens and have ignored it for a long time. Very pleasantly surprised.

You can see via lack of clean up, it wasn't awful, that was just me adding too much and getting a bit of pooling. I'd call it user error rather than a difficulty with the polish.

Elianto Racing Green

Three coats, again, and here the base is more of a true green, but pulls more yellow in the presence of the generous gold glass fleck. It also tips into emerald around the edges, so it isn't just a flat color, bonus!

I worked like a yeoman to get this polish, it is a Korean brand and I never did find a US seller, so I did eventually find a blog sale.

I love both colors, but I have to admit that the Elianto really has a gorgeous depth to it.

Here is a comparison:

Left to right:
SinfulColors Kissy
Elianto Racing Green
SinfulColors Kissy
Elianto Racing Green

Three coats all. 

I was going to do an either/or on keeping these, but truly it's a "both" because they are quite beautiful.

As far as finding Elianto, good luck. I see no sign of it even on eBay. Plus they are onto a new bottle design and this color is nowhere to be seen on their website (but many great colors are there and I need to try them!!!)

SC Kissy was in the core color rack at my Walgreens. I am sure it's been out there in the special displays as a color for St. Patrick's day or some other collection. It's actually a nice shade that holds up next to my beloved Elianto.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Well that's weird, I just got Kissy here recently (within past month) off eBay. Not familiar with Elianto brand...but they are both pretty!! These tones are catching my eye right now for some reason..usually this time of year I want to wear summery brights..I'm such a seasonal color sheep, ugh! :D

    1. I know, I can't seem to buy into neons or brights just yet. ;D


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