Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Tale of Two Psychos...Green Ones

When I first started blogging dark green was a throbbing urge in most of the nail blogs. Nars Zulu had been discontinued and things like OPI Jasper Jade and other dark greens were held out as the ultimate greens.

To be had at all costs was Chelsea Psycho Green (number 666, as you can see on the bottle)

Since my camera is beginning to flake out, my skin tone is a bit washed out and this is a deeper green. It pulls yellow and definitely is a kitchen sink of oddball ingredients. There is a soft frost, some blue shimmer and if I shake the bottle I see a glitter floating around. Who knows its story. I found it on a blog sale.

I will say that I have better greens, but this is one that has a cult around it that I am not sure I don't find myself pulled into. Get me an intervention, I feel the need to worship at the feet of this green.

Formula-wise it's a handshake with the big 3, cavorting nicely with all the bad smells you can imagine. Slow to dry, but nothing a big old QDTC can't handle.

I like it, although I am not sure I adore it. 

Ironically, I found, on another blogsale, another Psycho Green by LaRosa. LaRosa is a brand that is completely unknown to me. Either a regional brand or a short lived something from the day. Maybe it was the name of the company that Chelsea turned into? I don't know. 

Meanwhile, here is Psycho Green a LaRosa:

I love this one quite a bit.

From that Nagel-esque little logo, to the dense frosty green, it's so darn 1980's, I feel myself twitching from too much electro-pulsed dance music. 

It does have a bit more of a blue shimmer throughout, but my photo isn't really great as the camera just picks its own depth of field.

Here's a comparison:

Left to right:

I don't know how two psycho greens came about, but there they are. One is more yellow leaning, the other more blue.

Online, I get a mixed bag of swatches for Chelsea's Psycho Green. Most show it as a very dark shimmer, which it is, but also as a creme. The images I see online remind me more of CND NFS, which is truly a vamp.
What I have, well, I wonder about. Fortunately it was cheap and while I don't know that some of the blue pigment hasn't broken down, now that I think about it, it seems to be a shadow of its former self.

LaRosa, now that's the mystery!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Some cool NP history I was not familiar with, have not really heard of these brands...I'd say when side by side I prefer the cooler La Rosa one. Surely both being close and same name, there's some connection, like you were wondering about.

    1. I like the LaRosa for sure, but I just don't know how to research that kind of thing. It's interesting, though!


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