Monday, May 30, 2016

Cuccio Glitters

Cuccio is a brand I see a lot in the Nails Mag that somehow I was subscribed to last year. It's a brand whose web presence isn't out there inasmuch as it seems to target its marketing toward the salon crowd rather than the general public.

It's at a great price point, but not a cheap polish. I get mine at Nail Supplies.

I have to poke around for swatches, but they have a ton of colors and I can see how they are meeting the needs of salons whose clientele aren't into a specific color by a certain brand. 

Cuccio touts itself as selling to professionals only and is toluene and dibutyl phthalate free, although it looks like they are formaldehyde free as well. Here's a link to a random polish MSDS.

I did two coats of Cuccio over white and black.
No top coats.

Here is Cuccio Illumination over white (Cover Girl white)

This is a similar concept to the Maybelline Brocades I blogged awhile ago. Except the execution is interesting. Meaning  not quite a wall to wall dense coverage, but a sheer glass fleck that fills in the gap around the polish.

First off, my camera (Panasonic Lumix SMC-ZS15) is starting to croak. It's having a tough time focussing.  Le drag.

Back to the polish. This is a lovely royal blue packed with a blue/pink shifting glass fleck shimmer. 
To be honest my photos were terrible. The base looks yellow and over white the photo does no justice to this poor polish. It's like a disease on my nails. 

Having said that, over black, this polish becomes a real winner:

Suddenly all that sheer glass fleck blue/pink background turns into a rich shifting-to-pink cobalt and it's just luxe as all heck. 

This really floored me. Missed out on OPI Swimsuit Nailed It! and all the other similar polishes? This does double duty as a glitter topper and a rich glass fleck monster. Kind of amazed me.

I also tried out  Cuccio Chemical Attraction, a similar animal.
Here it is over white:

Here is a really amazing color. It's a gold and pink glitter packed with gold glass fleck. Wow. Better still over white it really just looks like a soft rose gold. Gorgeous.

Here it is over black:

Ironically over black I like it a lot less. Suddenly it's a random pink glitter buried in a gold shimmer glass fleck that just dominates the field and you don't get a pretty composition.

Ironic that these polishes did a flip flop over a white and black base. 

I like them both. 

Cuckoo runs, at this writing, $2.95 a bottle and since they have a lot of colors, it's like going back to the early 00's to buy polish since it's so affordable. 

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I love these! I will have to go back and have another look at the Brocades I picked up at the time they came out... I got a purple version of this recently, Finger Paints Violaceous Vase, love it!


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