Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ethereal Blurple

It's hard not to love a pastel this time of year.

With the trees and spring flowers blooming, it's really quite easy.

Here's a quick comparison for you:

China Glaze Agent Lavender and Sinful Colors Cheshire China

Left to right:
China Glaze Agent Lavender
SinfulColors Cheshire China
China Glaze Agent Lavender
SinfulColors Cheshire China

All are three coats, all are no top coat.

I am going to make a call: dupes.

So if you are a dedicated SC fan, you can find a dupe of this luscious alexandrite shade.

I think it is a loosely associated copy of an Alice in Wonderland sequel shade, because the display had funny looking people and some card suits. I saw nothing that really screamed "AiW" but now that I think about the display, it seemed akin to a copycat scenario.  I found mine at Walgreens, which has truly become an awful place to shop for nail polish so I rarely go.

In any case, this is a beautiful little polish that can pull a bit gray in tungsten lighting, but if you are outdoors or inside in color corrected light, it will definitely pull blurple.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. hmmm the Sinful displays are confusing this year...there was "play your cards right" but also "live in color land"...maybe both were AiW related, unofficially?

    I thought it was just the one Walgreens I happen to frequent most that was sucking with polish. They never did have the St Paddys Day display. There are lots of Wags around here, I need to diversify!

    1. I used to love my Walgreens, now they don't seem to bother with new stuff. Just randomly throw collections out, like super old Essie stuff.


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