Saturday, April 16, 2016

Blue Sky Days

It's a pure creme finish post, today, so no sparkles here!

All are three coats, no top coat and under a combo of daylight corrected lamp as well as a more tungsten leaning lamp. One lamp is LED and has little lights, so you will see a dotted effect of the light in some cases: no texture that it implies, just a lighting artifact.


Revlon Carioca Crush

Starting with my absolute favorite. It's a beautiful formula. Indeed, I can't believe how much I loved it. Very smooth and glossy. I won't call it a crelly, but it has a luminous quality about it that is often hard to find in cremes. 

I confess a top coat would be icing on a tasty cake.

This polish is not listed in the Revlon website search, I found mine at the Dollar Tree ostensibly to use as a stamping polish. What a nice find! It is on eBay, so it's still around.

Sparitual Crystal Eyes

I believe that this polish is losing points on lack of leveling. My index (left) isn't that ridged at all, but the brushstrokes show up on this, even at three coats. I was rather surprised and kind of disappointed.
It's a beauty. 
I think I purchased this through Sparitual years ago, just never wore it. 

Still available on the Sparitual site and other outlets, which is nice, as this is a beautiful color.

Sally Hansen Model Behavior

I don't know why I pulled this one out, but I just did. I love this polish a lot. Smooth, glossy, and easy to work with, it's hard to admit it, but Sally really has made me turn my head. 

Available online at eBay, etc. The Sally Hansen site wasn't coming up at this writing. 

Zoya Ling

Bright blue that is just marvelous. I think the formula is very nice, it has a waxy finish, bordering on glossy. Still hard to complain because it's such a bright pretty blue.

Here is a comparison of the four polishes:

Nothing dupey, but a lot of similarities. (Well, except for Model Behavior!)

Same order as presented: Revlon, Sparitual, SH, Zoya.

I think, for me, the Revlon is the best of the deeper shades, but Zoya is so unique. Even in this photo it refuses to sit quietly in the corner. It's just so fresh. I do love it.

I wanted to put Model Behavior in a quick comparison with Insta Dri Brisk Blue:

Left to right: 
SH Model Behavior
SH Insta Dri Brisk Blue
SH Model Behavior
SH Insta Dri Brisk Blue

I would say that, for me, they are not dupes, but similar. Brisk Blue is a bit deeper. To be honest, both are beautiful but it does boil down to the brush: Insta Dri is wider than the CSM brush, and a little less finessed.

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