Thursday, April 14, 2016

Indian Teal Redux

As I go through my polishes I realize I have so many of these shades. Wanted to hit some cremes.


American Apparel Peacock

This polish is amazing. Can I say it? Smooth as butter, applies well and this is without a top coat.

I have to admit I've had more wins than misses with my American Apparels. 

Try eBay or other etailers like that for job-lotted AA's floating around. This is a real winner.

This rides the thin edge of teal and Indian Teal, it's more blue in real life, too.

Nars Superstar

Three coats, no top coat. Excellent formula. Excellent.

I found this on a blog sale and snapped it up, although it's similar to OPI Ski Teal You Drop.

Why? Well, before Todd Haynes became an A-list director, he did thing a little thing called Superstar, The Karen Carpenter Story. 

This is now - at this writing - on Youtube and can be seen with little effort. For those of you born after the advent of Google and the Interwebz, you can NOT imagine how hard it was to see this movie. I saw it about 100 years ago and when I bought this polish I zoomed on over to see it again. I recommend you watch it. It's epic. It's perfect. 
Godspeed, Karen. 

OPI Ski Teal You Drop

Three coats, no top coat.

Decent formula. Shiny! Those reflections looks like smudges, they are not, they are reflections!

I love this, and consider it a less stellar formula than Nars, but will wear it because I love this shade of teal very much.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. They are all so pretty! I have Peacoxk, it needs some love.

    I got exposed to the Carpenters as a kid by the parents...was probably really big then, but you so rarely hear about them these days...

    1. Well, Karen passed away and Richard is just reliving the dream any more.


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