Saturday, April 2, 2016

Baby Cakes and Blue

Here's Chick Polish Baby Cakes and Essie Stroke of Brilliance.

It's a yellow that hints at green, but truly is yellow. It can range from egg yolk to pale yellow, depending on the light.

Three coats are necessary, but it does finish out pretty well.

Found this on the Llarowe site during one of her sales, back when she was selling multiple indie brands. Ah, the day!

I went to Chick polish website, but it's gone. I think they are out of business. The indie game is a tough one, and unless you sell holos out your kazoo, it's hard to build a following.

Sadly, and I'm guilty of this too, when I think of a creme I think of a major brand. When I think of innovation with glitter or shimmer or holo, I go straight to indie. Shame on me.

This is a nice yellow. Shucks.

Stroke of Brilliance, by Essie is from their LuxEffects line. It's a pretty blue, soft and yet metallic. I find, though that I have a little bit of glitter bleed, so I'm a little frustrated with that. I love glitters, but glitter bleed sucks the joy out of having them around! I have a whole Ikea Helmer full of glitter. Seriously fearing this trend.

Meanwhile, if this was a matte glitter, in this soft water blue, I'd be very pleased. It's not bad though.

Essie Stroke of Brilliance is available online, which is nice.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Yeah I miss when Llarowe sold all the indie lines, but it was for the best (for my wallet) when she cut! I ordered soooo many times from her ever since I started collecting three years ago after discovering indie polish. Soooo much polish/money...

    I got a couple Chick polishes when she was clearencing them, which was Oct 2014, so I believe they went out of business a little earlier that year.

    1. I got mine when she was clearing out her indies last year, this was $1. Kind of sad when an indie goes out, but onward to new things.


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