Thursday, March 31, 2016

Revlon Wild

I was at the little Rite Aid in Milton Freewater, OR that I periodically pass through whilst traveling and as I usually do, took a browse. I honestly wish my Rite Aid was set up like this: wide open cosmetic aisles with lots of good stuff, lots of displays. Mine is crammed all together.

I ran across the Revlon aisle in search of a holographic topper and found some other goodies. Revlon Wild was a nice surprise.

Revlon Wild

It's an intriguing combination of green shimmer, a gray frost and seafoam small flakes. I instantly knew I wanted to have it.

Three coats, no top coat.

I think my photos don't show it off well, but truth is, a frost just gathers light and reflects it back so much that it's quite unforgiving. You can see some of the flakes if you enlarge the photo.

Next I pulled out Saffron Colour 15, a polish I found on eBay back when international sellers had a ton of cool polish available.

Here it is:

Three coats as well.

Both greens evoke the tropics, so I thought I ought to combine them...

I love this! It brings out the gray and the green flash is beautiful.

I didn't want to put this over a black, but I may try it again over a navy as I think the little flakies will pop out more.

I don't follow Revlon polish much, I know they have a regular line, which Wild is a part of, and a gel type of one. This, to me, is quite unique.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Both are nice on their own, but I love them together!

    1. Me, too! I like how it's sort of a smokey gray shade as well.


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