Monday, April 4, 2016

Mauve Variations

I think I blogged Sally Hansen Strike It Rich Mauve ages ago, but after seeing the "Randomness" stamping post, I realize it needed its own outing. (link)

Here it is alone:

Here are there coats, no top coat.

An earthbound shade that is a bit of a crelly. I love it a lot and wear it more often than I care to admit.

I love this shade of salmon-y mauve.

Purchased at the Dollar Tree in The Day. Not easy to find, though, these days.

Here it is topped with Hard Candy Date Night.

Soft rosy pink that sparkles. This is two coats, no top coat. I would say that this glitter could fly solo with three, thought I won't call it 100% full coverage.

I purchased this one on eBay, which is still a decent resource for these Hard Candies.

When I found Essie Fondola Gondola, I was pleased to find something similar:

More of a pink leaning creme, which is fine for me, and a bit lighter overall. Win.

I think I found this at a blog sale, but could have purchased online. Essie is so prevalent now that they are a drugstore brand and not just a salon brand.

Here is a comparison:

Truly different when together, one leans more rose, the other more into the coral family.

Left to right:
SH Strike It Rich Mauve
Essie Fondola Gondola
SH Strike It Rich Mauve
Essie Fondola Gondola

Truly dissimilar to those of us who love polish.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Hmm at first I was like no to the Sally Hansen, but seeing them together maybe I prefer it? But the best is with the Hard Candy glitter. I am so biased against crimes. Lol! I don't do very well at applying them, and even with loads of base/ridge filler some of my nails still look awful. So those are always the accent nails with something glittery/textured to hide the cursed ridges.... :D

    1. lol crimes, of course we should be biased against crimes.

      Creme polish! Lol


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