Friday, March 11, 2016

Greens for March: Revlon Tantalize

Tantalus, in the Odyssey, residing in the underworld, was in the worst shape ever: up to his adams apple in water he thirsted, but in reaching for the water it fell away, and he was unable slake his parched mouth. Starving, he was put beneath a tree of sweet, ripe fruit. When he reached for it, the limbs of the tree would swing out of his reach, his hunger never met. Thirst and hunger, in his reach, but out of his grasp.

If you ever want to read the Odyssey, I highly recommend Stanley Lombardo's translation, The Iliad, too. It made it accessible to me, especially after trying to read 18th century translations.

Tantalize by Revlon

A contender for my favorite polish, next to Princessa Martian Jade, blogged here.

A contender, not a usurper, though.

Three coats of absolute sparkling peridot brilliance. I used a combination flash and my lamp, it's just perfect for the right summer day.

Juicy, glitzy, citrus zing, it's like the brink of something you just can't reach.

In truth, this polish is sheer enough to contemplate adding something like glitter, shimmer, or holo, it might be able to carry it off. Down the pike I will consider it. Right now, I just enjoy it.

Brilliant Strength appears to be on the way out, since I found mine at the ol' Dollar Tree. I hope it's just some color change, these are really a win!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. This is a sweet one! I believe the Brilliant Strength line was phased out so they could bring out the Gel line in the same bottle...

    1. Interesting! I am slowly collecting these as the formula has been a great treat


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