Sunday, March 13, 2016

Greens for March: CND Okey Dokey Artichokie

One of those phrases you might have heard your grandmother say to you, but today, it's just not around much.

Neither is my grandmother, but, she has a strong memory for me. Funny, mean as owl sh!t, and feisty. Sentiment, well, it's a mixed bag.

Here's a beautiful duochrome from CND, from when they were putting out some awesome polishes.

Three coats, no top coat.

As a certified 5th gen Californian and Artichoke lover, I love this polish. Packed with some big 3 chemistry, I might evaporate it out and try to revamp it with some OPI thinner., we'll see. This formula is in need of a thin down and it isn't a fast drying polish, either.

 The green shift into amber rocks, though. I love shimmers with a lot of good stuff going on.

I threw it over Borghese Mezzanotte Blue:

Out popped the amber shimmer, leaving the green behind.
You can see a bit on the tip of my index, on the left. I couldn't get a good shift with my lighting, but the green now goes to the background.

I found mine through an online etailer before they were gone, this is occasionally on eBay for a decent price, but often it's a hard to find. I can't think of another green like this in my duochrome/multichrome drawer.

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