Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Turquoise Pearl Mystery

I love turquoise and I love a mystery, or two.

I have this old Maybelline Express Finish I found at the ol' Dollar Tree. Unfortunately it never had a label.

With a lot of research, I think - think - it's Timely Turquoise.

Three coats, no top coat.

It's a rich, pearl finish and positively glows. It is quite unforgiving of bumps with the brush or lint, but when things go right, it's quite a beauty.

Next I compared it to an unknown Color Club turquoise pearl:

Left to right:
CC unknown
Maybelline Timely Turquoise
CC unknown
Maybelline Timely Turquoise

All are three coats and no top coats. 
Maybelline was pretty smooth by comparison to the Color Club. I couldn't find the win on this one at all. It showed even the slightest tremor. Eep!

I wonder what this Color Club is called. It was in one of the last packs I purchased at Ross several years ago and I can't really find anything online, either.

If you have a guess, I'd love to know!

Finally I compared it to my beloved Illamasqua Strike:

Left to right:
Illamasqua Strike
Maybelline Timely Turquoise
Illamasqua Strike
Maybelline Timely Turquoise

You can see that Illamasqua is more blue, less of the yellow undertone.

These are three coats, no top coat.

I love Illa, and Maybelline is a good backup.


Illamasqua Strike is discontinued, but might pop up online etailer or blog sale. I think it's worth it.

Maybelline is readily online, at a good price point, too.

The color club? No idea. I can't even find it online.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Hmm I don't think I've seen that Color Club before...but then, I've never seen that Illamasqua sorry, not much help!

    1. Thanks! That CC is a mystery!
      I've put it into stamping polishes and see how it all plays out.


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