Sunday, November 8, 2015

Franken Pretty

Essie Sittin' Pretty is a very close dupe of the famed Illamasqua Jo'mina. It's a bit more red, it's also a bit more sheer. Since the Morgan Taylor dupe was discovered, blogged here, I thought, I could goof around with Sittin' Pretty.

I added a bit of holo to it, and I will probably add more, I just (at this writing) found more spectra flair in my stash, so in it will go.

Here's the work in progress.

Three coats and no top coat.

It's a perfect polish for this since it's sheer enough to enable to holo to stand out.

Easy franken, too. I find that it's hard to franken bright colors like this, so I didn't want to squash the beautiful orchid that just pops with any gray, blue, or black.

This is in the sunshine; holos are made for sunshine.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Pretty sweet! Essie doesn't seem to bother with holos. Hence, I do not own many Essie's, and rarely wear the ones I do own. I do have some face Essie's tho (She's Picture Perfect/Using my Maiden Name, for instance)...I'd have to check my Essie Pinterest board for others that reall stand out...

    1. I find I have less of an urge to buy them, every collection seems poorly curated.
      But that's me!

  2. That was supposed to be fave Essie's, not face, lol! I agree with you, Essie and some others like OPI really beat us over the heads with reds...


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